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8 Reasons to Have your Wedding at Attaboy Barrel House

If you follow me on social media, you probably already know that Attaboy Barrel House is one of my favorite wedding venues to work at. Located right in the heart of Frederick, it’s a super popular venue and it’s easy to see why! In fact, I’m always looking for more couples who want to get married here because I love it so much! So, if you’re looking for a venue near Frederick for your upcoming wedding, here are the reasons why I think you should choose Attaboy Barrel House!

Attaboy Barrel House Beer List
Photo by DJW Photography Co.

1. Delicious beer.

Beer lovers: look no further. Not only is Attaboy Barrel House an awesome wedding venue, but it’s also a functioning brewery. Known for their IPAs and Pale Ales, Attaboy Beer is a staple of the Frederick beer scene. And in addition to all of their standard offerings, guests at the Barrel House have access to smaller batch experimental brews! From fruity sours to ciders, and seasonal offerings, your guests will have tons of options to choose from. And if you’re worried about guests who don’t drink beer, they also brew their own hard seltzer! (If you’re looking for a wider variety of seltzers, make sure you plan your wedding for March when they hold their annual Seltzie Madness event!)

Photos by Moxie Muse Photography

2. Modern, minimalist aesthetic.

When you picture a brewery, it probably doesn’t scream “elegant”. That’s where Attaboy Barrel House is different. From crisp white brick walls to the beautifully tiled bar, every corner of this brewery is modern and minimalist, making it the perfect backdrop for any color scheme. Their high ceilings with exposed beams elevate the space even further and contrast beautifully with the concrete floors. With just a sprinkling of flowers and decor, the space becomes a stunning mix of romantic and industrial.

Photos by Moxie Muse Photography and Jo Noonan Photography

3. Beautiful barrel wall.

As if the rest of the space wasn’t gorgeous enough, the team at Attaboy made an incredible statement piece with their barrel wall. Gorgeous oak barrels stacked three high lines the far wall of the brewery, making the perfect backdrop for your ceremony or sweetheart table. Some couples even add florals or greenery directly to the barrel stacks, making them even more stunning!

Carroll Creek Park Frederick Wedding
Photo by DJW Photography Co.

4. Great location.

If you’re looking for a venue with an awesome downtown location, you’re not going to find much better than Attaboy Barrel House. Whether you want to take your newlywed portraits at Carroll Creek or head over to the bars for a late-night after-party, Attaboy is just a short walk from the heart of Frederick. Plus, no need to worry about city parking - Attaboy Barrel House has private parking for guests!

Photos by Moxie Muse Photography and DJW Photography Co.

5. Bring your own vendors.

One of my favorite things about working at Attaboy Barrel House is that you get to bring your own vendors! As long as your vendors are licensed and insured, Attaboy doesn’t put any restrictions on who you hire. This means that you can find vendors who fit your budget, no matter what your budget is. I’ve seen so many couples fall in love with an “affordable” venue that requires a caterer that costs $150 a head - making it not so affordable in the end. But that’s not the case with Attaboy! Heck, you can even hire a food truck to park out front and serve your guests!

Thankfully, Attaboy does provide suggestions of some of their favorite vendors if you’re not sure where to start your search (we’re honored to say we’re on that list!). They have fantastic suggestions – from caterers to DJs, to florists – that serve the Frederick area.

Attaboy Barrel House Beer Garden
Photo by Jo Noonan Photography

6. Private fenced beer garden.

It’s super common to want to have an outdoor space at your wedding venue, especially if you’re getting married in the spring or fall. But unfortunately, most industrial venues only offer paved lots or other gray, empty spaces. But not Attaboy! Attaboy Barrel House has a gorgeous outdoor beer garden that you can use on your big day. With shade cloth to protect your guests from the sun, and bistro lights strung overhead, this space is beautiful day or night. They even recently added a firepit to the space! Personally, I love to recommend an outdoor cocktail hour to my couples - giving the team some time to flip the indoor space without distracting your guests from the fun!

Attaboy Barrel House LGBTQ+ wedding
Photo by DJW Photography Co.

7. LGBTQ+ Friendly.

Something super important to me is working with inclusive wedding vendors, and the team at Attaboy Barrel House is a great example of that. Attaboy is LGBTQ+ friendly, and they work hard to make sure that every couple feels welcome in their space. Even if you’re not part of the community yourself, choosing a wedding venue that supports your beliefs is a great way to put your money where your mouth is.

8. Amazing staff.

As a wedding planner and coordinator, I have worked with dozens of different venues in the state of Maryland. And while there are one or two that I would choose not to work with again, for the most part, I’ve had good experiences. However, there are few venues that have stood out to me the way that Attaboy Barrel House has. And that’s because of their exceptional staff. Brian and Carly have put together a truly exceptional team over there, and I’m always so excited to work with them.Their team is positive, always down to help, and fun to be around! I always trust that my couples are in good hands when working with the Attaboy team.

There are tons of beautiful wedding venues in Maryland, but I have a special place in my heart for Attaboy Barrel House. From the modern design to delicious beer, and fantastic staff - there’s nowhere I would rather recommend to my couples. So if you’re looking for somewhere to hold your 2023 or 2024 wedding, we’d love to work with you to set up your dream day at this gorgeous venue!

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