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Wedding invitation dos and don'ts

Your wedding invitation is the first impression guests will have of your wedding, so it's important to get it right! But with so many details to consider, it can be easy to make a mistake. To help you avoid common wedding invitation pitfalls, we've teamed up with Julia from Julia Kay Design to compile a list of dos and don'ts for wedding invitations. Read on for tips on how to create beautiful and accurate invitations that will ensure a smooth RSVP process!

Do include all the necessary information.

A basic invitation suite should include everything your guests need to know to prepare for your wedding. The traditional pieces of an invitation suite include the invitation card, an RSVP card, and a details card. The invitation card should have your basic wedding information: who's hosting, who's getting married, the date, the time, and the location, as well as something at the bottom stating, "reception to follow" or "dinner or dancing to follow." On the RSVP card, you may want to write the specific number of seats you've reserved for each party. For example, if you have 3 seats reserved for the Smith Family, you should write "3" in the line your designer leaves for you on the RSVP card. Doing this also helps guests know if they are invited with a plus one or not. Overall, you want your guests to understand where they need to be, who they are celebrating, and how to RSVP!

Don't forget about your wedding website.

If you have a wedding website, then a lot of your information can be housed there with a note on your invitation suite stating to refer to your wedding website for more information. Nowadays, registry information is usually housed on the wedding website rather than cluttering the invitations. Many wedding websites also allow you to digitally RSVP, which is a great option if you want to save on postage and stationery costs. Just remember that if you are using an online RSVP system, some elderly guests may need some assistance.

Do make your invitation beautiful.

Your guests are going to hang on to your invitation at least until your wedding day. Otherwise, they won't know the information they need to know. The invitation will more than likely be hanging on the fridge, so make sure it's something nice to look at! Adding personal touches to invitations automatically make them a keepsake. Wax seals, venue illustrations, monograms, vellum wraps - any personal touch will "wow" your guests and show them that your invitations were beautifully made and not just mass-produced!

Don't skip out on the return postage.

If you're doing traditional mail-in RSVP cards this is a crucial step. It's such a small gesture that guests probably won't think twice about, BUT if they had to provide their own stamp, they would instantly feel inconvenienced. It's an additional cost for you, but it eliminates an extra step for your guests and makes the process smoother.

Do give yourself enough time.

It's important to give your guests plenty of time to receive and respond to the invitation, which is why we recommend mailing them out 3 months before the big day. I also recommend setting the due date for your RSVPs 40 days before the wedding to give yourself a week or so to track down any stragglers. This way you can get those final numbers together with enough time to give your caterer an accurate headcount at the 30 day mark.

Do ask your stationer about customizations!

Julia offers a ton of affordable add-ons that really add something special to invitation suites! Her most common add-ons are venue illustrations, wax seals, vellum wraps, and calligraphy envelope addressing. Addressing is especially popular! "Guests loveeeee seeing their names & address written out beautifully, I promise!"

So there you have it! Our wedding invitation dos and don'ts. We hope this was helpful and gave you a few ideas for your own invitations! If you need any more help, be sure to check out Julia Kay Designs – she's an expert in wedding invitations and can help make yours perfect. Happy planning!

Frederick Maryland Wedding Coordinator | Wedding Invitation Tips | Maryland Wedding Stationery Designer


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