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Why a day of ceremony rehearsal might be more your jam

With venues and VIPS getting busier - it's time to embrace what can bring us less stress!

SBD hates calling things "trendy." It's just not our vibe to be, "trendy." BUT one thing we do support, that's gaining popularity, is the day-of ceremony rehearsal.

Anyone planning a wedding has had this conversation with their partner. Either, lots of wedding party members, or family members cannot make it to the rehearsal, or the venue booking doesn't include a scheduled time for a ceremony rehearsal. And maybe, if they do, it's Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. and that's just not going to make sense for a Sunday wedding. Even if your whole group could make that date/time, retention is going to be a challenge and your coordinator will have to do a review on the wedding day anyway!

Couples that choose to do a day-of rehearsal have a few options.

The SBD favorite is in the morning - right when many access times start (holla @ Union Mills and their epic 14-hour rentals, and Attaboy Barrel House with their all-day option). The ladies rehearse and then go and get ready. Then, shortly before the guys get dressed, they rehearse. This way, the partners stay separate if that's what is needed. Because we're dealing with smaller groups, this usually takes no longer than 30 minutes each. Oftentimes decor has to be dropped off in the morning, so it works perfectly to handle both tasks at once!

OR, what's most popular, is a rehearsal right when everyone is ready and after the first look. Guests haven't arrived yet, and there may or may not have been lots of group photos up to this point. After the rehearsal, photos are taken of the family and the full wedding party in front of the ceremony arch, and BOOM - no need for family formals during cocktail hour.

So, you're probably thinking - Okay, how do we make a day-of rehearsal happen?

Here are some things that help:

  1. Getting ready at the venue or nearby.

  2. Having a transportation company shuttle wedding party members so everyone gets there together.

  3. Hiring a larger hair and makeup team so that H&MU can be done in less time. This is worth the investment. No one wants H&MU to take more than a few hours or get up at 6:00 a.m. to do so! *This vendor and time is CRUCIAL.

  4. Talking to the photo/video team EARLY in the planning process about what you want them to capture and be there for.

  5. Knowing how long you have access at your venue the day of or the ability to add an hour in the morning if that's what you choose.

  6. Telling your coordinator EARLY that you plan on doing a day of rehearsal so that they can help you arrange other details with vendors as needed!

T&C opted for a day of rehearsal the morning of their wedding. Decor was dropped off at the same time. Afterwards, the ladies went back home to start getting ready and the guys went to breakfast! Later that afternoon before guests were welcomed in, the wedding party got to have some fun, and take photos in front of the completed ceremony setup!

And we understand, that sometimes people want a more formal rehearsal dinner. You can still have that, the night before! Remember, your wedding is whatever you want it to be. If a rehearsal dinner isn't going to stress you out and you want the traditional dinner, do it! We're big advocates for a semi-formal dinner and then welcome drinks afterward for all of those guests who are in town already.

At SBD, our coordination packages always include ceremony planning and a rehearsal, so whether you opt to do it the morning of, or before guests arrive, we are there for you!

Need to talk through the logistics? Let us know!

Happy planning! 🐝


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